Creating a Stadium District: Proposed Changes to Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan

On behalf of the Washington State Public Stadium Authority (PSA) and the Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District (PFD) we are pleased to share with you our proposal to amend the Seattle Comprehensive Plan to create a formal Stadium District.

Nearly ten years ago, the PSA and the PFD started a community dialogue about the future of our two major sports stadiums and event/entertainment venues and the relationship of this area with adjacent neighborhoods. In 2012 we created a Stadium District Concept Plan which was shared broadly and led to City-directed studies and recommendations for the area. Over the years, the area included in the proposed Stadium District has continued to evolve.

And today, we have an opportunity to work together to create here a new, unique destination neighborhood. As you know, there is literally no other place like it. The area is home to two major sports stadiums and an event center; adjacent to culturally rich, historic neighborhoods; lies next to downtown; is in a growing transportation hub; serves as the southern anchor to our recently reimagined waterfront; and stands at the gateway to the Duwamish industrial lands. Yet, a significant portion of the area still holds unrealized potential.

Building on ideas from cities around the country, but incorporating Seattle's unique values and diversity of culture, we can create a strong sense of place with a vibrant mix of retail; open space; housing, with a workforce emphasis; safe, pedestrian friendly streets for residents, tourists and sports fans; entertainment venues; with room to expand small, new-concept industrial businesses that provide family wage job opportunities for those who have not yet benefited from Seattle’s economic boom.

Over the past decade, the Stadium District neighborhoods have seen incredible changes:

Recently, the PSA and PFD engaged a consultant to meet with dozens of public and private stakeholders to gauge their current interests and concerns about the establishment of a Stadium District. We have listened, and we believe that our proposal speaks to what we’ve heard, and would allow our community to capitalize on near-term opportunities that will produce a lifetime of public and private benefits. Our proposal will:

You can see examples of thriving neighborhoods that have been created around other stadiums, as well as neighborhoods that have successfully located housing next to light industry here. Our proposal was submitted to the Seattle City Council as of May 15.

We welcome your comments and questions. Please email them to:

June 5, 2019 Update:

The Office of Planning and Community Development is currently evaluating the Stadium District proposal and, along with the Planning Commission, will be making recommendations to the City Council in mid-July as to whether it should be taken up for review and docketed by the Council in August this year. Geoff Wentlandt is OPCD's contact person and can be reached at if you have comments and/or questions about that process.